CAFE&BB guri


CAFE&BB guri


Ine: A boathouse town embracing the ocean

Always calm and blue
Morning at the fishery port where various fish and townpeople gather
Cats waiting to steal the fish hanging to dry
Mountain ranges peeking through the gaps of the boathouses

While experiencing daily life in Ine
Enjoy a luxurious and relaxing stay

“Guri” means reef
Like fish gathering at a reef in the ocean

Small bed and breakfast (2F) and small café and shop (1F)
Aiming to be a place where travelers and locals can gather easily


CAFE&BB guri


A café and shop with local flavors

We carefully prepare brewed coffee and homemade cakes
We will also gradually add baked sweets you wish to share with your friends.
We are a small shop, but we hope to become a place with many smiles.

Open Hours: 13:00-17:00
Opening days Wednesday , Thursday
Number of seats: 16
Tel: +81-772-45-1534

Please check Instagram for the latest menu and business information

*Smoking is prohibited in our café and pets are not allowed.


CAFE&BB guri


A relaxing stay in an old, private house for one group per day only

A modern and calm space renovated from an old private house built in 1952 ,
Scandinavian Swedish high quality bed brand "DUXIANA" premium bed,
hinoki cypress-finished bathroom , kitchenette , projector,
and delicious regional breakfast
Please enjoy relaxing in your private, luxurious room.

【 客室 / Room 】

Capacity : 4 people
Room size : 34 m²
Beds : Hollywood Twin (DUXIANA double bed 140x200 connected 2)
Extra futon (DUXIANA pascal futon 100x200 2)

· Check in is from 15:00 to 19:00
(Please contact in advance if you will arrive after 19:00)
· Check out time will be until 10:00.

*All of our accommodations are no smoking.
*This accommodation is not a boathouse.

【 朝食 / Breakfast 】

洋朝食 / Western style breakfast
〈 1Fのカフェにて / At the cafe on the first floor 〉

・伊根筒川蕎麦のワッフル / Waffle of Tsutsugawa soba
・自家製ジャム / Homemade jam
・季節野菜のサラダ / Seasonal vegetable salad
・伊根の魚介を使ったお惣菜 / Ine seafood side dish
・三野養鶏さんの卵のオムレツ / Mitsuno poultry egg omelet
・フルーツヨーグルト /  fruit yogurt

・100%果物ジュース、ミルク / 100% fruit juice, milk
/ Drip coffee, espresso, coffee latte, americano, tea


*Depending on the season, the contents of the menu may change.
*Fish may not be available in the instance of bad weather.
*Please inform us at the time of reservation if you have a food allergy. We will meet the need of the allergy as much as possible, but please understand that the ingredient may not be completely removed.


CAFE&BB guri

【 ご予約 / Reservation 】


· Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance.
· We cannot accept reservations on Sundays and Mondays except high seasons.
· Guests staying consecutively will receive a 10% discount on the room rate.
( Reservation only from this official website )

【 大人1名あたりの宿泊料金表(税込) / Room rate per adult (tax included) 】


Number of Adults


Room rate per adult (tax included)

1 ¥ 21,800〜
2 ¥ 16,500〜
3~4 ¥ 13,200〜

【 お子様料金について / About the price of children 】


· Infants (under 2 years old) are free.
· Children (3 years old to 11 years old) are half the price of an adult.

【 ご予約の前に / Before the reservation 】


Please make a reservation after agreeing to <terms of service>.

【 空室情報をみる / Check availability 】

  1. :チェックイン可能
  2. チェックイン不可



Please enter your check-in date in the box below.
If you would like to be on the waiting list, please let us know your name and preferred date here. We will contact you only if there is a cancellation.

【 ご利用規約 / Terms of service 】

1 / チェックインの際、代表者の方の身分証明書をご提示していただき、
2 / 当日のご予約はお受けできない場合がございますのでご了承ください
3 / チェックインは15:00~19:00(19:00を過ぎる場合は事前にご連絡下さい)
4 / ご予定の変更やキャンセルはなるべくお早めにお知らせください。
5 / キャンセル料金は次のようになります。
6 / 台風、大雨等の天候不良や自然災害の発生等による航空便の欠航の場合も
7 / ペットの同伴はご遠慮ください。

1 / At check-in, present the identity card of the representative and fill in the guest's name list.
2 / Please note that reservations on the day may not be accepted
3 / Check in is from 15:00 to 19:00 (Please contact in advance if you pass after 19:00)
Check out time will be until 10:00.
4 / Please inform us as soon as possible to change or cancel the schedule. Please contact me at least 1 week in advance.
5 / The cancellation fee will be as follows.
· Cancellation up to 14 days in advance is free.
· Cancellation from 13 days to 8 days in advance is 30% of the room charge.
· Cancellation from 7 days to 2 days in advance is 50% of the room charge.
· The day before, the day: 100% of the room charge.
· No contact cancellation: 100% of the room charge.
6 / We will also receive a similar cancellation fee in the case of flight cancellation due to poor
weather such as typhoons, heavy rain, natural disasters, etc. Please be forewarned.
7 / Please refrain from bringing pets.


■About our facility
· All rooms are non-smoking.
· Please do not bring out objects in our facility to the outside.
· If there is an act of inconveniencing other customers and neighbors, you may leave.
In that case, we can not refund the fee.
· Do not bring anything prohibited by dangerous goods or laws to our facility.
· Do not drive if you drunk at our facility.
■About responsibility
· If you damaged the equipment and possessions of the facility by the customer, you may be
required to compensate for the equivalent amount if lost.
· We can not assume any responsibility for accidents, disasters and theft caused within our facility. Please be sure to manage your valuables yourself.
· We can not take any responsibility for troubles that occurred while using our facility.
■About personal information
Personal information registered at the time of using our facility is protected based on the Per-
sonal Information Protection Law and will not be transferred or shared to a third party.
(*The contents of this agreement may be changed without notice and there is no obligation to
notify in advance.)


*We will assume you agreed to the above terms when you make a reservation.

ご予約 / Reserve


CAFE&BB guri

Hirata 127, Ine-cho , Yoza-gun , Kyoto , Japan

コンタクト / Contact

【 アクセス / Access 】

· From Kyoto station
It takes about 2 hours 15 minutes by car /
about 3.5 hours by train +route bus
· From Osaka station
It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes by car /
about 4 hours by train +route bus
· From Kobe station
It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes by car /
about 4 hours by train +route bus

· From Miyazu station 
It takes about 40 minutes by car.
It takes about 75 minutes by route bus (Tango Tankai Transportation)
At Ine Line (To Ukawa Hot Spring Yoshino no Sato or To Kamanyu)
Get off at bus stop 'Ine'
1 minute walk from the bus stop

· From Amanohasidate station 
It takes about 35 minutes by car.
It takes about 60 minutes by route bus (Tango Tankai Transportation)
At Ine Line (To Ukawa Hot Spring Yoshino no Sato or To Kamanyu)
Get off at bus stop 'Ine'
1 minute walk from the bus stop

【 駐車場について / About parking 】


If you will be coming by car, please use Inenura Park coin parking located 1 minute on foot from Guri.
We will provide you with a free, 24 hour parking ticket for one car per night.