CAFE&BB guri


CAFE&BB guri


The city of the boathouse that is closest to the ocean in Japan, Ine

Always calm and blue
Broadcasting of fish caught in the morning
Scenery that dries fish and cats aiming at it
Mountain ranges on the other side peeking through the gap of the boathouse.

Feeling the daily life of such Ine
Let's have a little luxurious time only for yourselves.

guri means a reef
Like a fish gathering at a reef in the ocean.

Small BED & BREAKFAST (2F) and small CAFE & SHOP (1F).
that aimed for places where travelers and locals gather easily.


CAFE&BB guri


A cafe and shop with local deliciousness

We prepare carefully brewed coffee and homemade cakes.
We will also enrich the souvenirs
of the Tango food you want to give to someone little by little.
It is a small shop, but I hope that it will be a place to smile a lot of things.

Open Hours 13:00-17:00
Regular holiday Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Number of seats : 18 seats (some take-outs are also possible)
Tel +81-772-45-1534

*The cafe is not open yet. It is scheduled to open on February 1, 2019.。
*Smoking is prohibited in our cafe, pets are not allowed.
*There is no lunch offer. Sweets and drinks will be served.


CAFE&BB guri


Female-friendly old private houses stay for one pair per day only

A modern and calm space renovated from the 66-year old private house,
a Swedish-made premium bed, extensive amenities, Sophisticated yukata robes, regional dishes (breakfast with optional / pre-open period is not provided)
Please spend a relaxing time as your own luxurious room.

【 客室 / Room 】

Capacity : 6 people
Room size : 34 m²
Beds : Hollywood Twin (DUXIANA double bed 140x200 connected 2)
Extra futon (DUXIANA pascal futon 100x200 2)

· Check in is from 15:00 to 19:00
(Please contact in advance if you pass after 19:00)
· Check out time will be until 10:00.

*All our accommodations are no smoking.
*This accommodation is not a BOATHOUSE.

【 朝食 / Breakfast 】


There is no breakfast provided during the pre-open period (11 / 27-1 / 31).
Breakfast will be offered as an option from 1st February 2019.

*Depending on the season, the contents of the menu may change.
*Fish may not be used in case of bad weather.
*Please enjoy in the 1F cafe space.
*Please inform us at the time of reservation when correspondence to allergy is necessary. We will correspond as much as possible, but please understand that it may not be completely removed.
*You can pay cash or card (VISA / Master / Amex) on site.


CAFE&BB guri

【 ご予約 / Reservation 】


· The reservation acceptance period is until the end of the 3 months ahead.
· Please confirm the accommodation fee and terms of use
and make a reservation from the following.
· Please make sure to enter your reservation name in Japanese or English
with the same name as your passport.

【 大人1名あたりの宿泊料金表(税別) / Room rate per adult(without tax) 】


Number of guests


Normal days


Fridays, Saturdays,
High season

1 ¥ 18,000 ¥ 19,800
2 ¥ 15,000 ¥ 16,500
3~4 ¥ 12,000 ¥ 13,200
5~6 ¥ 11,000 ¥ 12,100


The pre-open period (27/11 - 31/1/2019) will be 3000 yen OFF per adult, 1500 yen OFF per child.

【 お子様料金について / About the price of children 】


· Infants (under 2 years old) are free.
· Children (3 years old and under 12 years old) half the price of adult.

【 ご予約の前に / Before the reservation 】


Please make a reservation after agreeing to <terms of service> below.

チェックイン | Check-in:

チェックアウト | Check-out:

大人 | Adults:

子供 | Children:



検索中 | Searching...

下記ご入力ください | Enter your details


Reservation summary

Thanks for your reservation! We have just sent you a confirmation email at with the following details:

チェックイン | Check-in: - Change
チェックアウト | Check-out: - Change
宿泊日数 | Number of nights:
大人 | Adults: - Change
子供 | Children: - Change
宿泊施設 | Accommodation: - Change

宿泊料金 | Accommodation price: ¥
オプション価格 | Options price: -¥
Coupon discount amount: ¥

消費税 | consumption tax (8.00%) : ¥

合計金額 | Total price: ¥

See you soon!


You will be charged ¥

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Safe and secure payments SSL encrypted

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「今すぐ予約」をクリックする前に予約内容を再度ご確認ください| Please double check your reservation details before clicking on "Book now".



CAFE&BB guri

Hirata 127, Ine-cho , Yoza-gun , Kyoto , Japan

コンタクト / Contact

【 アクセス / Access 】

· From Kyoto station
It takes about 2 hours 15 minutes by car /
about 3.5 hours by train +route bus
· From Osaka station
It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes by car /
about 4 hours by train +route bus
· From Kobe station
It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes by car /
about 4 hours by train +route bus

· From Miyazu station 
It takes about 40 minutes by car.
It takes about 75 minutes by route bus (Tango Tankai Transportation)
At Ine Line (To Ukawa Hot Spring Yoshino no Sato or To Kamanyu)
Get off at bus stop 'Ine' (fare / 400 yen)
1 minute walk from the bus stop

· From Amanohasidate station 
It takes about 35 minutes by car.
It takes about 60 minutes by route bus (Tango Tankai Transportation)
At Ine Line (To Ukawa Hot Spring Yoshino no Sato or To Kamanyu)
Get off at bus stop 'Ine' (fare / 400 yen)
1 minute walk from the bus stop

【 駐車場について / About parking 】


Guests coming by car please use Inenura Park coin parking located 1 minute on foot from our facility.
In addition, we will bear the parking fee at the hotel for one night for one night stay.